Sometimes I wonder how a teen chick like Southern Brooke can have such big boobs… Seriously. It’s amazing that these huge titties are really real.

With tits like Southern Brooke has, every moment can be exciting. Just talking a walk and watching those huge teen boobies bounce up and down and and bounce around…

southern brooke huge boobs

I bet you I could spend hours just watching Southern Brooke breathing!

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Think Southern Brooke is trying to send us a message…..

valentines candy

I bet you she is.

Trust me, I love Southern Brooke too!!!!

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Boobs In Bikini

The bikini is all about the breasts, but when your like Southern Brooke and you have huge knockers…. Well, they are sort of hard to fit in a bikini! This must be one case where having big boobs can be a drawback….

I can’t see Southern Brooke trying to go swimming in this bikini….. Hell, if she moves in the wrong direction that bikini top is coming off!

southern brooke sweet bikini1

Imagine swimming with Southern Brooke and seeing her bikini top floating by……

Now, getting her bikini bottom off…. That’s a bit more difficult!

southern brooke sweet bikini2

I’m still working on trying to separate Southern Brooke from her bikini bottom. I’ll let you know when I pull it off.


쵨瞘郺 ЁຸЂဿ

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Isn’t this just the hottest picture of Southern Brooke ever?

virgin white

My my how I do love me a big breasted teen chick on her knees!!!!

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ATV Riding

We keep chicks around because from time to time we get honry, and in the mean time we need someone to cook for us and clean up after us. Yeah, I know that’s not politically correct the but the truth usually hurts. It really helps in life if you have a partner that you enjoy spending time with. Southern Brooke fits that bill nicely!

In fact, if your about the take the ATVs out for a spin, wouldn’t you want to take your girlfriend Southern Brooke with you? LOL. Imagine riding with Southern Brooke behind you, her big teen knockers rubbing into your back the entire trip! Sounds like fun, right?

Southern Brooke is down with that!

southern brooke trike rider7

In fact, Southern Brooke loves to ride!

She can handle her own ATV, which works just as well because it’s fun watching Southern Brooke cruising along and her breasts bouncing with every bump!

southern brooke trike rider4 southern brooke trike rider5 southern brooke trike rider6 southern brooke trike rider3

We’d ride with Southern Brooke any time!!!!

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All Dressed Up

Don’t you love it when teen chicks get dressed up for us……

southern brooke short skirt dress up2

Looks like Southern Brooke woke up this morning and decided to get all dressed up all nice and cute….. I love me a big breasted teen in a short skirt!

southern brooke short skirt dress up3 southern brooke short skirt dress up4 southern brooke short skirt dress up5 southern brooke short skirt dress up6

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Southern Brooke is having one hell of a party.. She’s nearly naked wearing only a bra and panties, and a big bottle of Champagne waiting for us… That makes the most perfect girl – big boobs, panties, and a bottle of Champagne….

southern brooke new years party huge boobs

If Southern Brooke was pour that Champagne all over her body… We should so lick every last inch of her sexy big breasted hottie!

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Black Bustier

Kind of hard to believe that Southern Brooke is able to find a bustier that can fit her huge teen breasts, huh?

Her poor boobs are smushed…..

southern brooke huge teen breasts

I’d like to set them free! Because Southern Brooke shouldn’t have to hide her breasts from us!

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Asian Shirt

Now this is funny. The irony doesn’t escape me here.

This is big breasted Southern Brooke in a nice little Asian shirt. The only problem is that Asians are tiny people. How in the world Southern Brooke fit her massive breasts into this little shirt is beyond me.

southern brooke asian flavored

Looks like Southern Brooke needs a little help there. Want to lend a helping hand? (Yes please!)

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Tight Blue Jeans

With an ass like these, who wouldn’t want to hit Southern Brooke??? I love me a hot teen in a tight pair of blue jeans…..


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